Round the Clock Open Shelter

Navajeevan operates a round the clock open shelter catering to young children aged 6 to 18, extending short-term residential assistance to street children, working youngsters, and child beggars. These children receive essential emotional support, along with meeting their personal and medical requirements, with a strong focus on informal education. The primary aim is to shield them from exploitation, remove them from the perilous streets, and initiate measures for their rehabilitation.
Children rescued from street life or transitioned away from it are promptly brought to the ‘Round the Clock Open Shelter,’ where their basic needs are met. They engage in in-depth counseling sessions and participate in Orientation Camps held within the shelter premises before proceeding with home integration or joining formal education and rehabilitation processes.
This is achieved through month-long re-orientation camps, group counseling, and picnic camps. Prerana is the orientation camp for street children below 14 years and Velugu is the orientation camp for the children of 14 years and above. Each camp lasts for 30 days. The maximum capacity of the camp is 30 children. Those addicted to various psycho-active substances like erasers (‘solution’/’box’ in local jargon), marijuana, gutka, alcohol, etc., join the deaddiction camp called Bosco De Addiction Centre (Vimukthi – ‘Liberation’), at Posanapalli village, near Nuzivid, 45 kms away from Vijayawada. Upon completing these programs – Prerana and Velugu, children either return home, or if that is not feasible, they are integrated into other available rehabilitation processes within the organization. Round the Clock Shelter is located at Poornanandampet, Near Railway Station, Vijayawada, Krishna Dist., Andhra Pradesh, India.

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