Chiguru Children's Village

Chiguru Children Village: It is a residential bridge school for children, both boys and girls, preparing them for regular schooling. Children at Chiguru are housed in small groups in different cottages, known as Group Care Homes, as an alternative form of care. This arrangement is designed to provide more individual attention. Positioned along the banks of the Krishna River, Chiguru provides an optimal environment for children to thrive. Nestled in a serene location amidst nature, the village offers an ideal home setup, allowing children to connect with nature and detach from their past family situations.
Chiguru also provides a short-term residence for girl children above 15 years and young women – victims of sexual, physical and other forms of violence, especially in cases of domestic violence.

Key Features and Facilities Offered at Chiguru Children’s Village

Bridge Schooling Support: Chiguru CCI prioritizes bridge schooling for children, providing comprehensive assistance for their academic development. This includes in-house bridge schooling and facilitating enrollment in nearby local schools as well.
Living close to Nature: Situated along the banks of the River Krishna and nestled in the outskirts, Chiguru offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Embracing a lifestyle close to nature has a profound impact on children, fostering their intellectual development and cultivating a healthy mindset. The serene atmosphere encourages a holistic approach to growth, nurturing both the body and mind.
Residential Teachers and Care Mothers: Dedicated residential staff, including teachers and care mothers are present to provide round-the-clock support and guidance to the children. They offer emotional guidance, supervision, and care to promote holistic development.
Common Dining Area: A communal dining space is available where children gather to have their meals. This not only ensures they receive nutritious food but also fosters social interaction and a sense of belonging within the community.
Transportation Services: The institution offers transportation for children who are attending local schools, ensuring they can access education conveniently.
Playground: Chiguru boasts a spacious playground equipped with swings, slides, and other play structures. This outdoor area encourages physical activity, socialization, teamwork, and overall well-being among the children.
Chiguru Children’s Village serves as a nurturing environment that prioritizes the educational, physical, emotional, and social needs of school-age children. Through its range of facilities and services, Chiguru aims to provide a supportive and enriching experience for every child in its care.

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