Neethodu Counseling


Counselling provides an opportunity for individuals to learn to make better choices, improve interpersonal skills, develop confidence and increase educational effectiveness and it also helps individual to use their problem solving skills more effectively and to develop new or better coping skills. The main aim of the counselling is to focus on the overall wellbeing of the students and to bring a positive change in their holistic development.

Counselling Service of Neethodu integrated Counselling Centre (N-ICC)

The counselling center has been set up for giving counselling services to the Most marginalized community children and youth so as to enable them to communicate their experience(s), thoughts, emotions and personal difficulties or other factors causing emotional disturbances.
The Neethodu Integrated Counselling Centre provides a positive and confidential environment where Children,Youth & Comunity members can interact freely with the counsellor without inhibition & reluctance and be assured that there will be no prejudice or biasness in conducting the counselling sessions.
The counsellor also ensures to observe, evaluate, guide the Children, Youth & community members in making appropriate changes to their lives where required and maintain a healthy relationship to society.

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