Resurgence for Empowerment and Quality Living Among the Yenadi Communities


The Yenadi, an indigenous group, have faced numerous challenges that have marginalized them economically and socially. Amidst these struggles, Punaruthejam, meaning Resurgence, emerges as a beacon of hope and empowerment for the Internally Displaced Yenadi Communities. This initiative is not merely a program; it is a commitment to accompany and enable the most economically marginalized and socially excluded members of society to become self-propelled, ultimately ensuring an enhanced quality of life for them and their future generations.
Punaruthejam is about Accompanying and enabling the economically most marginalized and socially excluded Internally Displaced 13 Yenadi Communities (13 Surveyed and identified locations in and around vijayawada) to become self-propelled ensuring enhanced quality life for their children.

Objectives of Punaruthejam:

The primary objective of Punaruthejam seeks to break the cycle of poverty and empower these communities to become self-sufficient. At the core of this resurgence is a commitment to ensuring an enhanced quality of life for their children, thereby securing a better future for the next generation.

Objectives of Punaruthejam:

Enhanced Quality of life for the target group, especially children and community members:

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