Deepanivas is a Child Care Institution operated by NJBB (Navajeevan Bala Bhavan), situated in Carmel Nagar, Gunadala, Vijayawada, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India. This child care institution serves as a residential facility for school going children (I st Standard to Xth Standard). The main aim is to provide qualitative education support to our children.

Key features and facilities provided at Deepanivas include

Qualitative Education Support Deepanivas focuses on delivering a comprehensive and qualitative educational experience to its resident’s children. This includes academic guidance, access to educational materials, and support for overall scholastic development.

Common Eating Room The institution offers a common dining area where children can enjoy their meals together. This not only ensures that the children receive nutritious food but also promotes social interaction and a sense of community among them.

Library Deepanivas houses a library facility, providing children with access to a wide range of books and educational resources. This encourages reading habits, intellectual curiosity, and academic exploration among the residents.

Evening Tuitions To further support the educational needs of the children, Deepanivas organizes evening tuition sessions. These sessions offer additional academic assistance and reinforcement of classroom learning, helping students excel academically.

School Bus Services The institution operates a dedicated school bus service to transport children to and from their respective schools. This ensures safe and convenient transportation for the children, enabling them to attend school regularly without any logistical barriers.

Full-Time Medical Attendee Deepanivas employs a full-time medical attender to address any health-related concerns or issues faced by the children. This ensures prompt medical assistance and care, promoting the overall well-being and health of the residents.

Full-Time Residential Care Mothers The institution appoints full-time residential care mothers who play a pivotal role in nurturing and caring for the children during their stay at Deepanivas. These caregivers provide emotional support, guidance, and supervision to ensure the holistic development and welfare of the children.

Play Ground Deepanivas has a large playground where kids can play games, do sports, and have fun outside. This big outdoor area helps kids stay healthy and also helps them make friends, work together, and get better at moving their bodies.

Deepanivas serves as a nurturing and supportive environment for school-age children, offering not only educational support but also ensuring their physical, emotional, and social well-being through various facilities and services provided on-site.

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