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Neethodu (‘We Are With You’): accompany and enable the vulnerable children of the marginalized families. The main objective of the Project is contributed towards building Knowledge-Based target families, increasingly self-propelled, with enhanced self-identity/confidence/respect, especially for the development of their children.
Neethodu (‘We Are With You’)” is a project designed to support and empower vulnerable children from marginalized families. The primary objective of this project is to contribute to the development of knowledge-based target families who are increasingly self-sustaining, with improved self-identity, confidence, and self-respect, particularly in terms of their children’s development.
NiCC is a project working for the children affected/infected by HIV AIDS. The primary target groups, other households, community and youth leaders, PRIs and officials of various government line departments of the 12 target villages are sensitized and all children infected/affected with HIV/AIDS (with special emphasis on girl children and mothers) are given/facilitated to obtain care and support services on an equitable basis.

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