Directors of Navajeevan, Vijayawada

Directors of Navajeevan
Navajeevan Bala Bhavan has a legacy of dedicated service to young individuals at risk, driven by a compassionate commitment to improving their quality of life and advocating for their rights. In pursuit of this mission, the organization benefits from the expertise of highly regarded Directors, providing professional guidance and support to the teams working at the grassroots level.


Fr. Neelam Ratna Kumar SDB

Executive Director

Fr. Nali Anthaiah, SDB

Director – NJBB Education Department

Fr. Putti Thambi Joseph, SDB

Director – NJBB Finance Department

Congratulations and Thank you dear Fathers!

You have made a big difference with valuable presence at Navajeevan Bala Bhavan, Vijayawada since 1989
Sl. No Name of the Father
1 Rev. Fr. Roy
2 Rev. Fr. Koshy Thomas
3 Rev. Fr. Michael Pampara
4 Rev. Fr. Sony George
5 Rev. Fr. George Jacob
6 Rev. Fr. Yeruva Arogya Reddy
7 Rev. Fr. Nali Anthaiah (Working at Present)
8 Rev. Fr. Peyyala Ignatius
9 Rev. Fr. Venna Kiran
10 Rev. Fr. Salibindra Balareddy
11 Rev. Fr. John Punnose
12 Rev. Fr. Yeruva Pradeep Reddy
13 Rev. Fr. Parokaran Jose
14 Rev. Fr. Alex Michael Jayaraju
15 Rev. Fr. Neelam Ratna Kumar (Working at Present)
16 Rev. Fr. Putti Thambi Joseph (Working at Present)