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Navajeevan Bala Bhavan (NJBB) is a non-governmental and non-profit society which works for young at risk. The Don Bosco Network intervention with street-based children was launched 34 years ago in 1989 in the city of Vijayawada, at the invitation of the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC). Since then, the Navajeevan Bala Bhavan Society has been working for the rescue and rehabilitation of street children/youth, child workers, children in conflict with the law, children addicted to substance abuse, children infected/affected with HIV/AIDS, children with disabilities, children of migrants living in deplorable conditions and economically marginalized communities/families.


The services towards rehabilitation of street children in Vijayawada were initiated by the Salesians of Don Bosco when the Corporation of Vijayawada along with UNICEF approached Fr Johnson Moyalan, the then Director of Don Bosco, Pezzonipet, to begin a collaborative venture, in the beginning of 1988. The then Mayor of Vijayawada, Shri (Dr) Jandhyala Shankar extended all support including a piece of land, measuring about an acre at Poornandapet on the Eluru Canal Bund, close to the Railway Station, Vijayawada, and some financial help. Fr Johnson immediately accepted the work, and requested Fr Joseph Thekkedath, the then Provincial of Bangalore, to send a suitable person to begin the work. Accordingly, the Provincial sent Fr Joseph Roy Nallanadath, who was deeply involved in a similar work in Palluruthy, Cochin, and had initiated similar work in Bangalore earlier, in May 1988 to take up this project. Fr. Roy started moving to the railway stations and bus stations to meet the boys, while initiating talks and correspondence with the Corporation authorities. In fact, by October 1988 he was able to give care and support to over 240 boys and girls. The proposed land for the Shelter Home was made available to Don Bosco, after quite a struggle, by the beginning of 1989 and the construction started. The Shelter Home was named ‘Jawahar Sneha Bhavan’, and it was inaugurated by Shri Rajeev Sharma I.A.S. the District Collector, on 24th February 1990 at 8. 30 Am., in the presence of Dr. Jandhyala Shankar, the Mayor and M.G.V.K. Banu, IAS, the Commissioner.
Fr. Roy put in a lot of hard work to create rehabilitative atmosphere and practices at the Shelter Home. However, serious differences marred the relationship between the management of the Shelter Home and the Corporation authorities. Fr. Roy could not carry out all the activities that the Corporation wanted, 2 Save the child by leading him/her to Navajeevan. Sponsor the child to realize his/her dream. Due to the paucity of funds. Lack of proper objective, planning and the needed team members added fuel to the fire. It was more or less a one-man’s struggle. Given all these facts and the then ‘political’ slant of some of the local leaders involved, the whole enterprise came to a halt in January 1992. However, the Salesian Community, though in a low key, continued the work for the cause of street children.
It was only through the patient and painstaking efforts of Fr. Thomas Koshy, who had already become the Rector of Don Bosco, Pezzonipet, by 1990 that the institution was back on rail in 1993. At this point the work for the street children was re-launched as Navajeevan Bala Bhavan. Slowly he and his team rebuild a better rapport with the Corporation and the concerned local leaders and officials. Meanwhile, a definite work plan was developed preceded by the drafting of a clear-cut objective of reaching out to children of the street and to motivate them away from their ‘street addiction’ and to help them to be self-reliant and responsible citizens. Also, it was decided to register an organization independently of ‘Our Lady of Assumption’ parish at Pezzonipet, the parent organization.



Thomas Koshy

Grateful to your Services

Thomas Koshy, was born on 15-09-1950 at Munnar, Kerala. He joined the International Society of Don Bosco in 1969. The Society of Don Bosco has special charism to work for deprived and neglected children. Knowing well its priority of uplifting the neglected and the deprived children he joined in the society to serve the cause of children with care and concern, In accordance with this mission, he pursued Master of Social Work & Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling to serve the people better.
After working the marginalized children in various districts, in 1989, Fr. Thomas Koshy came to Vijayawada and found to his dismay that hundreds of children were wandering around the streets aimlessly and were living miserable lives and from then on he took up their cause and has been working hard, without losing any little opportunity, for the betterment of these street and neglected children. Fr. Thomas Koshy received, on behalf of Navajeevan Bala Bhavan, the “NATIONAL AWARD FOR CHILD WELFARE-1996 from the President of India on March 3, 1997 & a CERTIFICATE OF DISTINCTION to the organization for the care of homeless street children of Vijayawada in the year 1999 from the District Collector.
Fr. Thomas Koshy is the Chairperson of Child Welfare Committee-Krishna district for two consecutive terms since 2006. And he contributed tremendously in the field of child rights/child development as the Director of Navajeevan Bala Bhavan as well as Chairperson of Child welfare Committee for 25 years and 6 years respectively. He is the forerunner and visionary in creating innovative models of child friendly communities in collaboration and partnership with the Government and communities.
Though it isn’t easy to accept that we are going to have separate/different ways starting today, still we are happy because for several years you have shown your perseverance in work and path-breaking ideas and for that, we look up to you as one of our inspiration. We assure you that we will always remember all your good ways and continue and enrich the mission you entrusted to us. Our heartfelt thanks for your excellent performance in your mission and years of dedication to the work. Thank you because the way you motivate us is something remarkable. Additionally, you have been such a wonderful person to the children, staff and the civil society. Though, you decide to walk an extra mile we are always here to support you in your mission. We just wish you more success on your new endeavor may God grant you good health.

Mrs. Annapurnamma Dasaka

Always Cherish your Services

Mrs. Annapurnamma Dasaka is dearly known as Anu Aunty for the entire organization. She started the journey within the organization as a mother, counselor, collaborator & a volunteer. She played a crucial and significant role within the organization especially for the welfare of the children in distress and staff. She held important and key positions within the organization, as a Director-Counseling and Director-HRD. Her contribution is immeasurable. She left everlasting imprints on thousands of children.
Aunty, it was a lifelong experience to work under the guidance of a great mentor like you. Having you as the collaborator, counselor, mentor & an amazing director for the organization, you have been a wonderful person. Therefore, we would like to thank you for your support, motivation and guidance that you provided to us for all these years. Thank you for everything that you provided to us during this director of Navajeevan Bala Bhavan was the most fortunate part for all the staff, volunteers, sponsors, management and children. You made our working atmosphere so favorable and enjoyable that we won’t be able to fill the void that would be created after you. In fact, your position cannot be replaced by any other person here. We would greatly miss the time spent with you. Besides being journey. Wish you all the best for your future life and Good luck for your next phase of life, dear aunty.

“A child friendly society where all children enjoy their RIGHTS”

Rights mean:
Right to Survival,
Right to Development,
Right to Protection and
Right to Participation - as enshrined by United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Practicing non discrimination and best interest of child.


“To ensure rights of ‘Young at Risk’ through micro and macro level efforts of Rescue, Rehabilitation, Community based action, Capacity building, Advocacy and Lobbying”.


We work through every aspect at the planning



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