Marriage Bureau

In the year 2011, Navajeevan officially launched a Marriage Bureau with the aim of facilitating the marriage and settlement of orphaned girls. To date, two orphaned girls have married young men who came forward wholeheartedly under the guidance of Navajeevan’s Marriage Bureau. Nikitha, employed as a beautician, got married on February 16, 2013, and Durga, employed as a tailor, got married on May 30, 2013. In the past year and a half, three of our girls have found their life partners and settled down.
Local volunteers like Mrs. Padma have played a significant role in assisting the project team in identifying suitable partners for our girls who work outside after receiving skills training. Several more young men have stepped forward wholeheartedly to provide a better life for our orphan and semi-orphan girls.
At Navajeevan, we are confident that our girl children are not a burden but a blessing for all of us, bringing light into our lives!

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