Sl.No Names of the Department/Project Description of the Departments/Projects
1 Street Presence

A team with a heart to identify the destitute and run away children from their homes

2 Round the Clock Shelter

Navajeevan runs a clock shelter for children between 5 – 15 years of age and night shelter for children above 15 years

3 Counselling & Family Re-integration

It is a family team or a “parental-peer” team like. It just unravels into the world of a child in need of care and protection and identifies with the child and shares the world of a child.

4 Homelink (ChildMISS)

Homelink is a web based service maintained by Don Bosco YaR Forum to facilitate their work for the young at risk, enabling them to maintain and share up to date information on child related issues, across the country. The system generates instant reports based on child profile, missing children, staff centre, sub-centre, and various analyses of reports at local and national level. It is a software tool for documentation.

5 Prerana and Velugu

Prerana and Velugu are the reorientation camps for street children below the age of 10 years and 11-14 years respectively.  Here the children are motivated to move away from the street life.

6 Bosco De-addiction Centre

Vimukthi means “being liberated”. It is a deaddiction centre. Navajeevan facilitates  to those children who have become addicted to drugs and other substances.

7 Chiguru Childrens Village (Boys & Girls)

It is Navajeevan’s Children’s village,  Residential Bridge Courses (RBCs) for children – for boys (Theeram) & for Girls (Baalika), preparing them for regular schooling.


Group Care Homes (Moggas) for those boys attending local schools, especially after bridge course at Chiguru.  Ankitha and Jyothi School are for girls. .

9 Day Bridge Courses (DBCs)

DBCs are especially designed for children mainly from the slum/village communiites. Besides education, training in hygienic living is also one of the basic activities of DBCs.

10 Yuva Bhavan

Home for the senior children doing college studies.

11 (LAST) Livelihood Advancement Skills Training

Skills Training in for girls above 15 years – hailing from various villages/slum communities attending beautician, tailoring and computer courses.

12 Peers Educator’s Program

This is a motivational rehabilitation programme for the street children and working children.

13 Infirmary

An infirmary with 20 beds is provided to take care of the sick children by well qualified and experienced nurses.

14 Bala Vikasa Kendram (BVK) – Anti Child Labour Project Project

Navajeevan extends its rescuing and protecting mission to the child workers, working in the city Automobile Industrial Estate (AutoNagar) and other shop/industrial establishments in and around Vijayawada city.

15 Child Safety Net (CSN)

Building institutional measures to protect the rights of the child at village level through Children Parliaments,  Adult Activists Groups,  Child Protection Committees and  Mandal Child Rights Resource Centre  in collaboration with the District Adminsitration/DRDA, NCLP, Anganwaids, PRIs, village elders and other NGOs - in 10 villages of Penamaluru Mandal, 23 slum areas of Vijayawada City and 70 villages of 14 mandals in Krishna district,  as part of ‘Child Safety Net’.

16 Neethodu (with you)

A project working for the children affected/infected  by HIV/AIDS

17 S&V (Sponsorship & Volunteers) Desk

Navajeevan Bala Bhavan has been collaborating and encouraging the sponsors and  volunteers from different nationalities in the process of providing care and protection for the children in difficult situations right  from the time of its conception.


To identify, motivate and train potential foster parents for orphaned and vulnerable children, with a special emphasis on children orphaned by HIV/AIDS...

Alternative Care is designed to provide parental love, care, protection, affection, supervision and support to children who do not have parents, caretakers and home. Foster care helps the child for healthy, psycho-social and mental adjustment.

19 Resource Mobilization

The team members are capacitated to mobilize resources using various media to identify sponsors for students attending school, college and professional courses.

20 Documentation

It maintains the minutes of the various meetings, monthly programmes of all the departments, photos and events of special programmes, annual reports and the like.

21 Accounts Department

It deals with all the financial transactions of the organization like Requisitions, Budgets, Bills & Vouchers, account statements, bank transactions and etc.

22 HR Desk

Human Resource Development desk deals with the issues of the staff, especially all the flexible benefits like (Gratuity, Medical, PF, Insurance, Leaves, Salaries and the like). It also maintains the confidential issues of the grievances of the individual staff. It also updates and communicates the programmes of the Organization to the individual staff.

23 Formal Education

Navajeevan also follows up and monitors more than 520 school/college going children mostly from the most marginalized communities staying in various government social welfare hostels and attending local schools/colleges.

24 Deepanivas

A Home for Rehabilitation Centre under Children in Need of Care & Protection

25 NiCC – Outreach programs

26 NiCC counseling and Consultation

27 Punaruttejam