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Conducted World Migrant Workers Day on 18.12.2021

The program was held on the occasion of “World migrants worker’s day”, with 300 migrants’ participants on 18-12-2021 on Sunday.  At Vijayawada, Agripalli, Kondapalli, G. Konduru an awareness program on protection and rights of migrant workers. A number of migrant workers coming from different states for their survival working in Vshnavi Construction were gathered together for this awareness program which was an eye-opener to fight for the same and make use of their Rights.

The Executive Director Fr. Rathna Kumar greeted them with worthy affection and wished them well- being that gladdens their hearts. His immense presence caused them happy.  He instructed all migrant workers to enroll their names at E-SRAM Website in order to benefit the schemes in all the ways possible. At Navajeevan Bosco Shramika Mithra center the manager posted wall posters and Mr. G. Tharun Vishnavi’s construction supervisor had told them to be alert and take precautions in every aspect, especially regarding health.

Later Mr. P. Jayaraju presented a speech on the schemes of Government implemented for the migrant workers. He said all the facilities provided must make use of. They all have the right to benefit all the schemes of the government. The government scheme E-SHRAM Website and helpline no: 9642372372 CSN Coordinator Mr. M. Ratnam, field facilitator Mrs. G. Sujatha took part in the program.