"Navajeevan Bala Bhavan" translates into, and signifies "New Life"; for scores of youngsters


Children today are caught up in the negative externalities of globalisation. Hundreds of children sever bonds with their families, move to cities and finally end up on the streets. The largest numbers come to Vijayawada, on transit into the cities of Hyderabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Bombay and Delhi.

 These boys and girls are vulnerable and often fall prey to ruthless middlemen, brokers, child abusers and traffickers, drug peddlers, substance abusers, porters, police, rickshaw pullers, auto drivers and street addicted adults. The city has very little resources and time for them. They eke out their living by rag picking, shoe polishing, working as underpaid labourers and as domestic help. Young girls are drawn into prostitution. They suffer from diseases, wounds that fester, and even from STD/HIV. They are malnourished, ill-clothed and have no friends to turn to.     

 This is the situation that NJBB wants to address both in Vijayawada and in the fast growing cities and municipalities of AP.

(Within the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation limits, there are altogether 109 slums/hutment colonies where the most marginalized and socially excluded communities/families live and where, child trafficking - child labour especially girl-child domestic labour and children engaged in commercial sex work, instances of child marriage, etc., are becoming rampant.)



A child friendly society where all children enjoy their rights.

Right to Survival,

Right to Protection,

Right to Development and Right to Participation

As enshrined in the United Nations’ convention on the rights of the child, practicing non-discrimination and ensuring the best interest of the child.



“To ensure rights of “Young at Risk” through micro and macro level efforts of Rescue, Rehabilitation,

Community based action, Capacity building, Advocacy and Lobbying”.

-Young at Risk for NJBB are: Street children/youth, child workers, children in conflict with law, children

addicted to substance abuse, children infected/affected with HIV/AIDS, children with disabilities and children from marginalized communities especially girl children.



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