NAVAJEEVAN BALA BHAVAN A Journey from January 1989


“A child friendly society where all children enjoy their RIGHTS”

Rights mean:

  • Right to Survival,
  • Right to Development,
  • Right to Protection and
  • Right to Participation - as enshrined by United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Practicing non discrimination and best interest of child.


“To ensure rights of ‘Young at Risk’ through micro and macro level efforts of Rescue, Rehabilitation, Community based action, Capacity building, Advocacy and Lobbying”.

Young at Risk for NBB are: Street children/youth, child workers, children in conflict with law; children addicted to substance abuse and children from marginalized communities especially girl children.

Origin and History of Navajeevan

  • The services towards rehabilitation of street children in Vijayawada were initiated by the Salesians of Don Bosco when the Corporation of Vijayawada along with UNICEF approached Fr Johnson Moyalan, the then Director of Don Bosco, Pezzonipet, to begin a collaborative venture, in the beginning of 1988. The then Mayor of Vijayawada, Shri (Dr) Jandhyala Shankar extended all support including a piece of land, measuring about an acre at Poornandapet on the Eluru Canal Bund, close to the Railway Station, Vijayawada, and some financial help. Fr Johnson immediately accepted the work, and requested Fr Joseph Thekkedath, the then Provincial of Bangalore, to send a suitable person to begin the work. Accordingly, the Provincial sent Fr Joseph Roy Nallanadath, who was deeply involved in a similar work in Palluruthy, Cochin, and had initiated similar work in Bangalore earlier, in May 1988 to take up this project. Fr. Roy started moving to the railway stations and bus stations to meet the boys, while initiating talks and correspondence with the Corporation authorities. In fact, by October 1988 he was able to give care and support to over 240 boys and girls. The proposed land for the Shelter Home was made available to Don Bosco, after quite a struggle, by the beginning of 1989 and the construction started. The Shelter Home was named ‘Jawahar Sneha Bhavan’, and it was inaugurated by Shri Rajeev Sharma I.A.S. the District Collector, on 24th February 1990 at 8. 30 Am., in the presence of Dr. Jandhyala Shankar, the Mayor and M.G.V.K. Banu, IAS, the Commissioner.
  • Fr. Roy put in a lot of hard work to create rehabilitative atmosphere and practices at the Shelter Home. However, serious differences marred the relationship between the management of the Shelter Home and the Corporation authorities. Fr. Roy could not carry out all the activities that the Corporation wanted, 2 Save the child by leading him/her to Navajeevan. Sponsor the child to realize his/her dream. Due to the paucity of funds. Lack of proper objective, planning and the needed team members added fuel to the fire. It was more or less a one-man’s struggle. Given all these facts and the then ‘political’ slant of some of the local leaders involved, the whole enterprise came to a halt in January 1992. However, the Salesian Community, though in a low key, continued the work for the cause of street children.
  • It was only through the patient and painstaking efforts of Fr. Thomas Koshy, who had already become the Rector of Don Bosco, Pezzonipet, by 1990 that the institution was back on rail in 1993. At this point the work for the street children was re-launched as Navajeevan Bala Bhavan. Slowly he and his team rebuild a better rapport with the Corporation and the concerned local leaders and officials. Meanwhile, a definite work plan was developed preceded by the drafting of a clear-cut objective of reaching out to children of the street and to motivate them away from their ‘street addiction’ and to help them to be self-reliant and responsible citizens. Also, it was decided to register an organization independently of ‘Our Lady of Assumption’ parish at Pezzonipet, the parent organization.


Achievements – Recognitions

  • National Appreciation - Navajeevan activities in giving back each child his/her childhood were well recognized, and in appreciation to this, the Indian Government graced the organization with the “National Award for Child Welfare” in 1996 – apart from numerous other district level awards.
  • In 1999 and 2008, Navajeevan received the Certificate of Merit from the District Collector for rendering special services to children under difficult situations.
  • Since 2005, the Labour Department awarded the Certificate of Merit for participating and rescuing maximum number of Domestic Child Workers, especially during the special drive from December 2005 December to January 2006.
  • On 12th June 2006, Navajeevan received a special award from NCLP and SSA for its services contributing towards making Vijayawada a child labour free city.
  • Fr Thomas Koshy, the Executive Director of Navajeevan, received the ‘Appreciation Award’ on August 15, 2011 from the Municipal Commissioner, in recognition of his service to children under difficult situations.

Directors of Navajeevan, Vijayawada

Management Council 2017-2018

Data of the Children 2017-2018

Children’s Data of Navajeevan Bala Bhavan, Vijayawada (2017-2018)
S. No Centers / Schools / Hostels / Colleges Boys Girls Total
1 Residential Bridge Course (RBC), Chiguru 57
2 5 Moggas - Pezzonipeta (RCM, AKTP, Prasanthi Schools) 102 0 102
School Children in Jyothi School, Hanuman Junction 0 12 12
4 School Children of Ankitha, Gurunanak Colony, Vijayawada 0 16 16
5 School Children of Auxilium, Ongole 0 11 11
6 School Children of Auxilium, Guntur 0 9 9
7 School Children of Veerapaneni Gudem 0 8 8
8 School Children of Penamaluru Govt. Hostel 6 15 15
9 School Children of Gunadala Govt. Hostel 6 2 2
10 School children of Nunna Hostel 0 20 20
11 School Children of Madona, Kanchikacharla 5 0 5
12 School Children of Sahayamatha, IBM, Vijayawada 0 1 1
13 School Children of KEN Convent, Vijayawada 1 0 1
14 College Students at Yuva Bhavan (Different colleges in Vijayawada) 30 0 30
15 College Students at Chaitanya College, Nandigama 11 10 21
16 College Students at JMJ College, Hanuman Junction 0 8 8
17 College Students at Maris Stella College, Vijayawada 0 1 1
18 College Students at RK College, Kethanakonda 0 2 2
19 College Students at Usha School of Nursing, Vijayawada 0 16 16
20 College Students SRR Govt. College 0 14 14
21 College Students at BSc Nursing, Global College, Vijayawada 0 1 1
22 College Students at B.Pharmacy, Palvancha, Khammam 0 1 1
23 College Students at Sri Vani B.Pharmacy, Chevuturu 0 1 1
24 College Students at Vijaya Polytechnic, Enikepadu 0 1 1
25 College Students KGH, Vizag 0 1 1
26 College Students at BSC Nursing in PB Sidharth, C. Avutupalli 0 2 2
27 College Students at Enginaring College, Gudlavalleru 1 0 1
28 College Students at Chalapthi Enginaring, Mothadaka, Guntur 1 0 1
29 College Students at Mariya Nivas College, Nandigama 0 4 4
30 College Students at Gurukula Patasala, Veerapanenigudem 0 1 1
31 College Students at MMR College, Kanchikachrla 0 1 1
32 College Students at Gurukula Patasala, Chatrai 0 1 1
33 College Students at APSRW College, Nimmakuru 0 1 1
34 College Students at NOVA College, IBM 0 1 1
221 194 416

Major Events In Navajeevan Bala Bhavan: 1989

30-01-1989 Dr Jandhyala Shankar, Mayor, Vijayawada Municipal Corporation laid foundation stone for the shelter. Fr Roy, SDB undertook the construction of the Shelter with the help from the Corporation and UNICEF.
24-02-1990 Mr Rajesh Sharma, District Collector, Krishna District, inaugurated the shelter with the name ‘Snehabhavan’
23-01-1993 The shelter programme was re-opened with Fr Thomas Koshy as its Director with a new name – ‘Navajeevan Bala Bhavan’. [The shelter programme hitherto is being called ‘Navajeevan Bala Bhavan’, though the name is meant to represent the organization and its diverse programme for street and working children as a whole.]
13-02-1993 Home integration started with Mahesh, a 12-year-old boy.
13-03-1993 Inauguration of first Infirmary in shelter premises
05-03-1993 Non-formal education classes started in the shelter.
28-06-1993 Inauguration of Carpentry trade as part of skills training.
02-07-1993 Inauguration of training in Tailoring
12-09-1993 First Foster Care Home (Vidya Bhavan) for school-going children was inaugurated in a rented house at Pezzonipet. Mr Samuel and his wife Mrs Leelamma were appointed as foster parents.
18-02-1994 ‘Navajeevan Bala Bhavan’ was registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860.
28-10-1993 The first group of Volunteers (Ms Suzan and Ms Petra from Holland) joined the Navajeevan team.
11-12-1993 First Pavement School was started for children in slums in Vijayawada.
20-01-1994 Inauguration of Yuva Bhavan in a temporary hut for senior street children
13-07-1996 Manabadi – a Balavadi for the children in slums nearby was inaugurated.
15-07-1996 The first meeting initiated by Navajeevan for local NGO’s with the theme “Make Vijayawada a Child Friendly City” was held. (this is the forerunner of the present Forum for Child Rights.)
03-09-1996 A Co-operative Rag shop was inaugurated in shelter premises for Rag Pickers. The programme was aimed to give reasonable rates and make friendship with rag pickers.
22-11-1996 National Award from Govt. of India for Navajeevan Bala Bhavan towards Child Welfare for the year 1996
11-07-1997 Navajeevan is recognized and received “Fit Institute Certificate” from the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.
14-08-1997 Navajeevan took the initiative in formation of the Forum for Child Rights, Vijayawada.
05-09-1997 The first Re-orientation Camp (Prerana) for street children below 14 years was inaugurated at shelter premises with the first batch of 15 children.
08-11-1997 Street Presence team started working for girls on the street. The first female team member was appointed for the purpose.
14-11-1997 Bala Vikasa Kendram – BVK (Navajeevan’s anti-child working project) was started at the invitation of Vijayawada Municipal Corporation and Overseas Development Authority (ODA - UK), at Autonagar Industrial Estate, Vijayawada City.
13-02-1998 Inauguration of new Yuva Bhavan building, supported by BILANCE (Holland), replacing the temporary hut.
30-05-1998 The office of APCRAF was inaugurated at Navajeevan Yuva Bhavan.
13-10-1998 Visit by the then member house committee of the Andhra Pradesh legislative to study and remedy the problem of street children within the state.
26-01-1999 Fr Thomas Koshy the Director received the District Collector’s Award for his commendable work for the cause of street and working children within the state.
24-02-1999 The foundation stone was laid by the Mayor of Vijayawada for a new building at Autonagar Industrial Estate, to house Bala Vikasa Kendram (BVK) for the benefit of the child workers of the area, on a plot of land leased out by the cooperation.
13-07-1999 Peer Home for College going boys was inaugurated at Pezzonipet Church Premises.
20-11-1999 The new building of Bala Vikasa Kendram (BVK) at Auto Nagar was inaugurated.
14-02-2000 IAS (Indian Administraive Service) Trainees visited Navajeevan programmes as part of their Bharath Darshan Programme.
20-11-2000 Navajeevan collaborated with Forum for Child Rights Vijayawada for the launching of Childline in Vijayawada and Navajeevan collaborated with the Forum for Child Rights for its running, both with funds and its team members.
04-04-2001 Inauguration of Computer Lab in desktop’s publishing and skills training to the children who completed at least X Class.
10-12-2001 Skills Training Centre started Tailoring for girls at Bala Vikasa Kendram.
01-04-2002 Inauguration of Day Bridge Centre (DBC) at Bala Vikasa Kendram, Auto Nagar
02-04-2002 CHILD LINE Extension Booth was started at Vijayawada Railway station in collaboration with Navajeevan staff members.
04-09-2002 ILO (International Labour Organization) team visited Bala Vikasa Kendram, Auto Nagar.
16-12-2002 First De-addiction Programme – ‘Vimukthi’ - for street children addicted to substances was launched (unofficially) in a rented house at Nunna, 8 kms away from the city.
15-01-2003 Needa – First Night shelter started in collaboration with the Municipal Corporation of Vijayawada and the Forum for Child Rights, under the supervision of Navajeevan.
16-01-2003 The official launching of VIMUKTHI – De-addiction Programme – by the Municipal Commissioner of Vijayawada
23-07-2003 ‘Sethu’ – a residential bridge centre for girls was started.
01-08-2003 Vennela - Second Night shelter was started in collaboration with the Municipal Corporation of Vijayawada and the Forum for Child Rights.
22-10-2004 A ‘Rag Pickers union’ was formed with the old children from Gandhinagar, so that these children could motivate other children.
27-11-2004 National Child Labour Project (NCLP) was inaugurated at Bala Vikasa Kendram (BVK).
10-01-2005 Navajeevan conducted Cycle Rally for Tsunami Relief Fund and Anti Child Labour in and around Autonagar, Vijayawada.
26-01-2005 Navajeevan Bala Bhavan received Merit Award from the Krishna District Collector Mr. Prabhakar, IAS for outstanding work in the field of Child Labour.
27-01-2005 A Foundation Stone was laid by BSNBB (British Supporters of Navajeevan Bala Bhavan) for Vimukthi- De-addiction centre at Navajeevan Gardens, Nuzvid. Rev. Canon. Peter Good ridge, the Chairman of BSNBB laid the stone along with his team members.
31.10.2006 Union Minister for Human Resources Smt Daggubati Purandareswari and her husband Shri Daggubati Venkateswara Rao, Parchuru MLA came for a visit to the Shelter.
16-08-2007 Starting of the Group Care Home (Mogga) to create family atmosphere.
14-09-2007 Inauguration of the Street presence office in Shelter premises by Fr Maddhichetty Noel, Provincial of the Salesian Province of Hyderabad.
11-02-2008 A national level two-day meeting, ‘Juvenile Justice – A way forward’ commenced in Hotel Ilapuram, Vijaywada and subsequently led to the formation of the JJ National Desk.
29-10-2008 Inauguration of Child Safety Net (CSN) in Penamaluru mandal by Sri Sailaja Ramaiir, IAS, Collector, Krishna
02.12.2008 Navajeevan initiates Juvenile Justice National Desk (JJND) at Vijayawada.
24-09-2009 Special School (Chaitanya School) for the children below the age of 14 years was inaugurated at Shelter.
24-01-2010 YaR Meet, 2010 was conducted at Chiguru.
10-03-2010 Loving mothers Mrs L. Mary, Mrs G. Vasanta and Mrs P. Samrajyam were felicitated for their long period of love to Navajeevan children.
12-06-2010 Krishna District Collector Mr Peeyush Kumar, IAS asked Navajeevan to collaborate with DRDA department for the taking up of Child Safety Net Programme from Penamaluru mandal to Krishna District level.
14-08-2010 Navajeevan introduced the programme ‘Children As Media Producers’ (CAMP) in association with UNICEF, Hyderabad.
14-11-2010 Navajeevan CAMP Children sent 14 films for the AP State Level Children Film Festival conducted by the UNICEF, Hyderabad. 13 movies of those were selected for the festival and 2 movies got best award including the best contribution team award for the year 2010.
20-01-2011 Fr Thomas Koshy (Executive Director of Navajeevan) is re-appointed as the CWC Chairperson of Krishna District, as per GO. No. 9.
03.08.2011 Inauguration of Krishna Women Court - KALAYIKA at Loyola auditorium – Organized by Navajeevan.
03-09-2011 Inauguration of Youth parliament at B.V.K. Centre for working children above 15 years
08.11.2011 Inauguration of DBC-cum-Play School at Ajit Singh Nagar, Vijayawada.
14.11.2011 Inauguration of new RVTC building at Pezzonipet by the Vijayawada Municipal Commissioner, Mr Ravi Babu, IAS – supported by JDW.
05-12-2011 Inauguration of Baalika (a home for girls) at Chiguru by Mr Mohan Kanda, IAS, Former Chief Secretary to the Govt. of AP. Simultaneously it was decided to shift all girl children from Sannihitha and Sethu to Baalika, Chiguru to conduct residential bridge school in one place.
25-05-2013 Welcome meets for Fr Balashowry and Fr Pradeep as New Executive Director and Director respectively.
30-05-2013 Organized ‘I am a Girl’ campaign to promote girl child rights in collaboration with Plan India, Divya Disha and Andhra Pradesh Child Rights Advocacy Foundation at hotel Ilapuram, Vijayawada.
23-06-2013 The Silver Jubilee Year of Navajeevan Bala Bhavan was officially declared open by Rev. Fr Raminedi Balaraju, the Provincial of the Salesian Province of Hyderabad and the Installation of Fr Salibindla Balashowry as the new Rector cum Executive Director of Navajeevan Bala Bhavan
26.11.2013 A survey on school dropouts and never enrolled children was conducted by Navajeevan in collaboration with District level NGOs supported by Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA) in 16 Mandals of the district.
29.11.2013 Rev. Fr Clemens Schliemann, the Mission Procure, Germany along with Fr M.C. George and Fr Santiago visited Navajeevan.
25-05-2013 Sanitary Napkin Unit was inaugurated at Chiguru Rev. Fr Clemens Schliemann, the mission procures, Germany.
29.11.2013 Welcome meets for Fr Balashowry and Fr Pradeep as New Executive Director and Director respectively.
24.01.2014 Thanksgiving Holy Mass was concelebrated by Most Rev. Msgr. Govindu Joji, Apostolic Administrator of Vijayawada Diocese and Most Rev. Msgr. Polimera Jaya Rao, Bishop of Eluru Diocese along with the Clergy and Religious from the State of Andhra Pradesh and Staff and children of Navajeevan Bala Bhavan.
01.03.2014 level YaR Seminar at Vijayawada, NJBB Silver Jubilee Closing Celebrations

Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Navajeevan Bala Bhavan Vijayawada

Declaration of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations:

25 years is a small pause to celebrate the history of an organization that is ‘built to last’. If we have achieved something, it is but a very small beginning. The world is an open field and we have many crops to sow. A bountiful harvest awaits all our stakeholders.

The Silver Jubilee Year was officially declared open by Rev. Fr. Raminedi Bala Raju, the Provincial of Hyderabad along with Rev. Fr. Thomas Koshy, Founder & Outgoing Rector cum Executive Director and Rev. Fr. Salibindla Balashowry, the incoming Rector cum Executive Director and Rev. Fr. Pradeep, the new Director on 23rd June, 2013.

The Provincial appreciated Fr. Thomas Koshy, the founding director and all the lay collaborators for their commitment and tireless hard work at the service of young at risk that they had enjoyed new life during these 25 years of its founding and continue to do so. He invited lay collaborators and emphasized the need of collective efforts for improving the living conditions of the children.

Our Silver Jubilee celebrations are not just about how far we have come, but also about how much shared value we have created for our stakeholders:

Thanks Giving Mass offered by Most Rev. Msgr. Govindu Joji, Apostolic Administrator of Vijayawada Diocese and Most Rev. Msgr. Polimera Jaya Rao, Bishop of Eluru at Chiguru-Children’s Village. It is particularly fitting that priests and religious along with the lay collaborators and children gathered on 24th January 2014 to thank the Almighty God for His unconditional providence and continuous support during the 25 years of its journey at the service of young at risk. His lordship Most Rev. Msgr Govindu Joji and several priests celebrated the holy mass. And his lordship Most Rev. Msgr. Polimera Jaya Rao shared the message. He appreciated Fr. Thomas Koshy and all his collaborators for their dedicated mission and congratulated Fr. Balashowry and team for such noble work. He shared about the value and need for working with the children at risk and thereby shares God’s love. He appreciated all the children for their performance both in academics as well as non-extracurricular activities and wishes all success in their endeavors. Marking this occasion, a statue of St. Don Bosco was also installed in the premises of Chiguru-Children’s village.

There are very few days in the Roman calendar which take precedence over the ordinary cycle of Sunday readings and prayers, but this Feast does take precedence, and it is a happy coincidence for us.

The readings of today’s Mass offer a beautiful insight into the paternal, and as the late Pope John Paul I famously observed, the maternal love of God for each of his creatures, fashioned in his own image and likeness …

Mr Sri.R.Murali, Metropolitan sessions Judge, Vijayawada, the Chief Guest and Guests of Honour- Mr. Ch. Syam Prasad, GRP Superintendent of Police, Fr. Maddichetty Notel, Secretary- SCPSA & Former Provincial of Hyderabad Province, Mr. M. C Das, Management Consultant, Fr. Thomas Koshy and Mrs. Anu Dasaka graced NAVAJEEVAN BALA BHAVAN Silver Jubilee Celebration function.

Navajeevan Bala Bhavan, Vijayawada celebrated its Silver Jubilee on completion of its 25 years of commendable service to the children in need of care and protection. It was a great moment that stirred the excitement of all the participants (National YaR delegates, civil society organizations, collaborators, supporters, children and staff of NAVAJEEVAN BALA BHAVAN. The programme commenced at 6.00 pm when the chief guest and guests of honor arrived at the portals of Thummalapalli Kalakshetra which was colorfully decorated. Fr. Balashowry, the Executive Director extended a warm welcome to the chief guest, guests of honour, dignitaries and the participants. It was a very proud moment for all participants to cherish the joy of the occasion on the eve of 25 years of Navajeevan’s founding at the service of the children at risk. The celebrations began with the lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest and Guests of honor along with Fr. Thomas Koshy founding director and Mrs. Anu Dasaka, one of the key pioneers in Navajeevan Bala Bhavan. It was followed by the welcoming of the guests onto the stage and releasing of the Souvenir on occasion of Silver Jubilee Celebrations. The Chief Guest and guests of honor facilitated Fr. Thomas Koshy, founding director for his remarkable contribution for the street and working children. Then, a short documentary film was presented highlighting the history, activities, achievements and milestones thereof briefly. The children performed ballet depicting the nature of Navajeevan’s activities and unique approaches adopted by Navajeevan Bala Bhavan with the principles of flexibility and best interest of the child. Thereafter, Mr. R. Murali the Chief Guest and the guests of honor-Mr. Shyam Prasad and Fr. Maddichetty Noel addressed the gathering and the speeches were truly inspiring and encouraging all the children and participants as it focused on ethics, values and service to society at large and finally congratulated Navajeevan Bala Bhavan for such noble work. All the guests of honor were facilitated by the Chief Guest for their support. Later on, children of the different centers performed variety of cultural extravaganza which began with the graceful invocation dance, truly set the mood with a mix of songs, music, dance and a riot of colors brilliant performances during the function. The silver Jubilee Celebration ended with Agape meal for all the guests, participants and children.

Memory of the deceased Staff

The Staff of Navajeevan, who entered the eternal bliss while working. You always remain in our hearts. May your soul rest in peace!

1 Mrs. Aruna
2 Mr. K. Santha Kumar
3 Mr. K. Mohan Das
4 Mr. N. Johnson
5 Mr. J. Nagaraju
6 Mr. D. Eliya
7 Mr. B.S. Shankara Rao


Details of NJBB Staff - 2016

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Navajeevan at a glance



Total number of Street Children rescued by NJBB since 1993 45250
Total number of Street Children Home Integrated since 1995 27769
Total number of Child Labour rescued since 2002 6712
Total number of Domestic Child Workers rescued since 2007 48
Orientation Camp through GCPC (Group Counselling thru Picnic Camp) at Shelter 16
Orientation Camp at De-addiction Centre, Vimukthi, Nuzvid 21
0 21
Children attending Residential Bridge Courses (RBCs) at Chiguru  (Theeram for boys and Baalika for girls) 64 45
Children attending  Day Bridge Centre - Near Pamarru, Krishna district
Children attending schools staying in Navajeevan’s 5 Group Care Homes - 5 Moggas for boys  (mainly orphan & semi orphan children) 92
0 92
Children attending schools staying in 4 Government Hostels & Boarding Hostel 4
Children attending schools staying in Auxilium Boarding School, Guntur & Ongole 0 25 25
Children joined in local schools (Attending schools staying with their families, Citizen School) 15
Differently-able children at Ibrahimpatnam-1 & Madonna, Kanchikacherla-4 04 01 05
School Going children in Deepa Nivas 32 0 32
Students attending different colleges staying in various homes/hostels
RVTC (Residential Vocational Training Course for the boys in 2 trades - Two wheeler mechanism-4 and Electrical & Plumbing-12) & VRB-18 34 0 34
NAVEENA - A residential LAST (Livelihood Advancement Skills Training) in Beautician and Tailoring courses for girls at Chiguru 0 21 21
Adult Activists Group Members/Volunteers under Child Safety Net (CSN) 358
Child Protection Committee Members under Child Safety Net (CSN areas) 330
Evening Tuition Teachers for ETCs in 3 CSN Target areas (40+30+85) 0
Women cases registered at Family Counselling Centre at Hitaishi desk since 2009 1
Volunteers working with Neethodu desk for Care & Support of affected/infected 1
Adult affected/infected cases registered at Neethodu desk since 2009 194
Total no. of affected/infected families identified since 2009 to Oct 31st , 2017

Children affected/infected cases registered at Neethodu desk since 2009 369
Evening Tuition Centers for the Children in Child Safety Net areas in 155 ETCs (30 in Penamaluru Mandal, 40 in Urban Slums of Vijayawada City and 85 in 17 Mandals of Krishna District) 2203
Children Parliaments for the Children in Child Safety Net areas in 155 CPs (30 in Penamaluru Mandal, 40 in Urban Slums of Vijayawada City and 85 in 17 Mandals of Krishna District) 1545
LAST (Livelihood Advancement Skills Training) - Non-residential Vocational Training Courses in Beautician-625, Tailoring-740, Maggam - 497 & Computers-458 from 2004 – Nov 22, 2017 0
Education support to the school/college children affected/infected by HIV/AIDS – till Aug 31st 2017 301
Bi-monthly Nutrition Support to the affected/infected families by HIV/AIDS 63
Christmas clothes to Infected and to Orphan Children December-2016 32

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